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Hey there! I'm WizardandGalaxy (W.G. for short) and I'm... I'm... uh... Frick, where was I going with this?

I post a bunch of different types of things on here. It's mostly literature and traditional art (as those are my strongest points), but I'm trying to improve my digital art skills as well. Most of my content is group-related (:iconflashfictionmonth: and :iconpmdunity: are the main ones), but I do post some original things, and I want to do more of that in the future! I have lots of ideas! T-too many... Oh, and I do fan-stuff sometimes, too. It's fan-art, mostly, since fan-fiction isn't really my thing. At the time of writing this, there's Undertale, Pokemon, FNaF, Portal, other users' stuff, and probably a few other things. I might make a more cohesive list at some point. Maybe.

I read all of the comments I receive and try to reply to most of them! If I don't, or if my responses seem repetitive, it's either due to my accidentally deleting it or my general social awkwardness, of which I have far too much.

Final note: :iconjuliesprite: is my sibling who magically mastered digital art somehow. If you see us fooling around in the comments, that is why. You should check out her stuff, too!


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Tord, What Did You Do?
You know that doodle I posted at 1:21 AM today?  Well, I made a digital version.  I also couldn't get the blood to look right, but whatever.  I wonder what sort of deal they made...
Eddsworld and Gravity Falls are not mine.
It's 1:21 AM and I have no clue what I'm doing
My friends came over for my birthday and they both have a bunch of amazing Eddsworld fanart and I decided to try boarding the bandwagon. While doodling, I commented for no reason in particular that Tord and Bill should never meet. Naturally, this followed. The picture is in black and white, but I flagged it just in case.
Eddsworld and Gravity Falls are not mine.
AoA 2016 Day 31- Flightless (Mild Gore) by WizardandGalaxy
AoA 2016 Day 31- Flightless (Mild Gore)
Should I flag this??? Maybe??? Also I'M FREEEEEEEEExceptnotreallybecauseschoolismoreimprisoningthatthisevercouldbeaaaaahhhhhhh
AoA 2016 Day 30- Baby Benedict by WizardandGalaxy
AoA 2016 Day 30- Baby Benedict
Why do I like drawing characters as innocent children when I know for a fact that they're going to get really screwed up? Why do I do this to myself?
Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.
...I can't use the media...
I got tagged by :iconjuliesprite: and this is 400 questions and I JUST LOST THE FIRST 38 GOSH DARN IT
1. Name: WizardandGalaxy (Internet safetyyyyyy)
2. Nickname(s): W.G. online, occasionally 'Sister' or 'Blender~' offline (don't ask)
3. Birthday: 09/03/00
4. That makes you: 15
5. Where were you born: The United States
6. Location right now: At my house
7. Shoe size: 9
8. How many piercings?: None
9. Tattoos?: Also none
10. When you wake up you're: Only half-aware of it
11. When you're about to sleep you're: Torturing characters inside of my brain
12. Zodiac sign: Virgo
13. Chinese sign: I'M A DRAGON
14. Righty or Lefty: Righty
15. Innie or Outie: Innie
16. School: Too freaking stressful and it starts in two days whyyyyyy

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: American
20. Weight: Somewhere in the mid-120 pounds, I think?
21. Height: 5' 3.5" AND IT SUCKS
22. Braces? I'M FREEEEEE
23. Glasses? Nope

Section Three: Private Life

24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend? NEVER
25. If so, who? I SAID NEVER
26. If not, do you have a crush on someone? WHAT PART OF 'NEVER' DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND
27. Who has a crush on you? There is this complete and total idiot that rides my bus and can't freaking TAKE a HINT GOSH DARN IT I WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE SO BADLY
28. Ever cheated on your bf/gf? You can't cheat on someone who doesn't exist!
29. Who was your first kiss: I did this thing where you went into a pool with dolphins and I kissed one on the snout and it was precious
30. Who was your last kiss: One of the CPR mannequins in my Lifetime Wellness class
31. Are you a virgin? ALWAYS
32. Ever had a threesome before? WHAT DID I JUST SAY
33. Ever been swarmed by ladybugs?: N-no...? Is this... This sounds like a euphamism for something? Is it? Wait, don't tell me. I don't want to know.
34. Have you ever been in love? Does platonic love count?
36. Got your heart broken? No.
37. Ever liked a friend? As a friend.
38. What happened? Friendship.

Section Four: Past Relationships 

39. How many relationships have you been in? NEVERRRRRRRR
40. How many were serious enough to count: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
41. Who were those serious ones: WHYYYYYYYYY
42. Who USED to be your best friend: There was this one girl who used to live across the street
43. What made them different: I... I don't know. I'm bad at making friends, okay? She lived nearby. That's how that tends to work.
44. What happened: She moved, and I'm also bad at keeping in touch with people.
45. Best boy/girlfriend: I SWEAR TO GOD
46. Worst boy/girlfriend: CAN WE PLEASE MOVE ON
47. Ever been kissed: NOOOOOO
48. Who do you want back: I know what this question means but I just wish I kept talking to the friends I met at camps and then never spoke to again.
49. What do you regret: All of the stupid and/or awkward things that I have said
50. Why? Why do you think?

Section Five: Favourites

51. Song: TOO MANY (my favorite bands are Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, and Melanie Martinez at the moment, though.)
52. Movie: Zootopia and Inside Out
53. Food: Fettucine Alfredo
54. Drink: Chocolate milk and Gatorade. ...Not mixed.
55. Store: GameStop? I guess? I don't go shopping.
56. Television show: Steven Universe and Gravity Falls
57. Holiday: Halloween
59. Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
60. Sweets: Musketeer bars
61. Crisps: Those are chips, right? Sour Cream and Onion.
62. Type of music: Alternative Rock
63. Artist: TOO MANYYYYYY AAAAAAAandmysistermentionedmeohmygoodness... check out her art because she mastered digital stuff in, like, 5 seconds
64. Word: Either 'kerfuffle' or 'defenstrate'
65. Time of day: Evening and Night
66. Dressing: Literally all of my outfits are a mix of gym shorts and a T-shirt
67. Alcoholic drink: I am fifteen and alcohol smells terrible
68. Colour(s): Purple
69. Piece of clothing: I don't really have one, but my "Things just got WEIRD" shirt is very accurate
71. Smell: Freshly baked cookies or brownies because my dad bakes them sometimes and they're delicious
72. Shampoo: Uhh... Head and Shoulders? It's basically the only one I use.
73. Soap: ??????
74. Smiley: 8D
75. Board game: Forbidden Island is fun (I also want to try out Dungeons and Dragons at some point)
76. Sport: Video Games!!!
77. Number: 3, 4, and 7
78. Quote: "Memes may be the reason for our existence." -Morgan Freeman, on Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
79. Animal: Dragons. Or, if you insist on being bound to reality, cats.
82. Vegetable: Spinach, when inside of things
83. Fruit: Apples, probably, though I'm okay with most of them
84. Place to be: My room
85. Thing in your room: My sketchbooks and notebooks
86. Gum: Watermelon
87. Shape: *Giggles while imagining Bill suffering in a variety of ways*
88. Country: Canada seems pretty cool... Pun not intended, but fully enforced
89. Mall: No.
90. Car: Still no.
91. Boy's name: Pff, I don't know. Alec?
92. Girl's name: Uhh... Cassandra.
93. Family member: Now that's just rude.
94. Restaurant: Panera, or Olive Garden when you could actually eat there... OH! There's a restaurant near my school that's called Provence and it's AMAZING TOO
95. Movie place: Ah, yes, the good old "movie place"... It's called "Regal Cinema" or something.
96. Person to go to the movies with: :iconjuliesprite: is the only one who puts up with my constant critique of the movie without being at least a little irritation. Maybe. Probably.
97. Noise: Probably music
98. Brand of Shoe: No.
99. Brand of clothing: Noooo.
100. Body part of a chicken: Is this a set-up for something? The... the feet? OH NO WAIT YOU MEAN FOOD UHH
101. Swear word: I don't swear, but saying "gosh diddly-dang-darn" is incredibly fun and I encourage it
102. Month: September
103. Possession: I don't know if my brain counts but there you go
105. Season: Fall
106. Radio station: Sirius XM- Alt Nation
107. Magazine: National Geographic
108. Favourite grade: 4th grade
109. Least favourite grade: Sophomore year
110. Teacher: My 4th grade teacher, along with my 7th, 8th, and 10th grade English teachers
111. Least favourite teacher: My Freshmen Spanish teacher
112. Subject: It really depends on the teacher.
113. Subject to talk about: Writing! And acting, and art, and science, and-

Section Six: Family

114. Who's your mum?: A doctor
115. Who's your dad?: Uh... not a doctor. I have no clue what he does. I've even asked him. It doesn't help.
116. Any step-parents?: My dad is remarried and my mom is engaged
117. Any brothers?: I have two half-brothers, two to-be stepbrothers, and one (excuse for a) stepbrother
118. Any Sisters?: :iconjuliesprite:, one half-sister, and a stepsister.
120. Coolest: :iconjuliesprite:
121. Loudest: The step-brother that thinks it's okay to start yelling across the house at 7AM on a SATURDAY
122. Best relative: This is rude.
123. Worse relative: THIS IS RUDE
124. Do you get along with your parents? Yep
125. With your siblings? I get along with my blood relations, yes
126. Does anyone understand you? Probably. I'm not even sure I understand myself sometimes, though.
127. Do you have any pets? Yes
128. If so, what kind and name? At my dad's house we have a cat named Marley (and he is just the sweetest little rodent/bird murderer). At my mom's, there are three cats named Raphael, Ariel, and Michelle. We also have a parakeet named Ponyo that travels between houses.
129. If not, what do you want as a pet? Snakes seem kind of cool... Once again, pun not intended, but fully enforced

Section Seven: School

131. Are you still in school? Yeah
132. Did you drop out?: No
133. Your current GPA: Something... good. I think. I don't remember
134. Do you buy or bring lunch?: I don't care if it's free, the school food is absolutely disgusting
135. ABC's?: Um... Yes?
136. Favorite class: As previously mentioned, it depends on the teacher. I knew these would eventually repeat themselves...
137. Play any sports at school?: NEVER
138. Are you popular? Hahahahaaaaaaaa.......
139. Favourite memory: My AP Human Geography teacher got ROASTED DURING A POETRY SLAM
140. Most humiliating moment: I accidentally pushed a kid over while leaving class and the teachers got pissed at me
141. Funniest moment: It wasn't funny at the time, but in elementary school, these two girls came up to me and asked if I watched a long list of shows, mostly cartoons. Then they said, "We don't watch any of those shows," and walked off. It took me forever to realize that they were calling me childish, which makes no sense, because they were, at the very most, ten years old. They were ten.  TEN. THESE TEN-YEAR-OLDS ARE COLLING ME CHILDISH??????? WHAT
142. Most scared moment: I freak out when I lose assignments a lot

Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear

145. Chicken: FOOD
146. Dog: Toby Fox
147. Christina Aguilera: I don't know celebrities
148. Ricky Martin: ...Wait, that's not Rick Astley, never mind
149. 50 cent: Rap music.  Also cloning him would give you a dollar.
150. Poop: Toilet
151. Beach: "His name is Michael and he is my son!"  *Wave crashes in* "NOOO, MICHAEL!!!"
152. Dessert: My father's brownies are amazing
153. Water: "Aw man, I can't find it anywhere!  Not under 'W'... or 'H'..."  "He doesn't know how to spell?"  "No, H2O!"
154. Osama: Anime (I'm sorry)
155. Love: *P!nk's "True Love" begins playing in my mind out ouf nowhere*
156. Your little brother: STAB.
157. Butt: There was a video on Domic's channel about that...
159. Wonder: "How about... A WONDER HUG!"
160. Brown: Toilet
161. Banana: Praise Dogan
162. Sex: Blech
163. Parents: *Thumbs up*
164. Homosexuals: *Whispered while listening to Welcome to Night Vale*  "It's so gay.  It's so gay, and I love it."
165. God: *X-Files theme*  I don't know why

Section Nine: Do you believe in

166. God: Maybe?
167. Heaven: Mayyyyybe????
168. Devil: My sister literally gave herself the nickname 'Satan' but I'm not sure if that counts
169. Hell: Maybe?
170: Boogy man: Nah
171. Closet Monsters: Nah
172. Fortune tellings: Nah
173. Magic: If only
174. Love at first sight: Nope
175. Ghosts: I want to
176. Voo-doo dolls: Nah
177. Reincarnation: Maybe?
178. Yourself: *"Determination" plays in the background*

Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: NEVER
180. Do drugs: NEVER
181. Drink alcohol: NEVER
182. Cuss: NEVER
183. Sing in the shower: NE- Oh no wait HECK YEAH
184. Like school: Not really
185. Want to get married: Back to NEVER
186. Type with all of your fingers: Umm... kinda?  I.. I use most of them.  I think.
187. Think you're attractive: Who cares?
188. Drink and drive: NEVER
189. Snore: ???
190. Sleep walk: No
191. Like watching sunrises and sunsets: Kinda?  They're a little slow

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: I participate in Flash Fiction Month!  No wait-
193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: No
194. Told that person how you felt: No
195. Been arrested: No
196. Gone to jail or juve: No
197. Skateboarded: No
198. Skinny dipped: No
199. Rock climbed: At a playground or something, maybe
200. Killed someone: NO
201. Watched porn: Ew no
202. Gone on a road trip: The longest one was maybe 12 hours, so... maybe?
203. Went out of the country: CANADAAAAA
204. Talked back to an adult: Yes
205. Broken a law: I put mail in another person's mailbox when I was little
206. Got pulled over: I was a passenger in a car that got pulled over
208: Cried to get out of trouble: Maybe once when I was... five?  Four?  My dad didn't buy it.
209. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: See but that requires friends
210. Kissed a brother's or sister's friend: No
211. Kissed a friend's brother or sister: No
212. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: If that someone is me, then yes
213. Moon someone: No
214. Shop-lifted: I have taken more than the socially acceptable of restaurant mints/free samples.  Does that count?
215. Worked at McDonald's: No
216. Eaten a dog: No
217. Give money to a homeless person: I feel like I might have?  I don't usually carry money around
218. Glued your hand to yourself: No
219. Kissed someone of the same sex: No
220. Had a one night stand: NEVER
221. Smoked: NEVER
222. Done drugs: NEVER
223. Lose a friend because of your ex: NEVER
224. Slap someone for being stupid: God, how I wish I cou;d
225. Had cyber sex: That sounds even grosser and weirder that regular sex.  No.
226. Wish you were the opposite sex: Only because bras and periods are TERRIBLE AUGH
227. Caught someone doing something: Yes
228. Played a game that removes clothing: No
229. Cried during a movie: I'll admit, I teared up a little bit during The Fault in our Stars, but no full-out crying
230. Cried over someone: Yes
231. Wanted to hook up with a friend: NEVERRRRR
232. Hooked up with someone you barely met: NEVER
233. Ran away from home: No
234. Cheated on a test: No

Section Twelve: Would you

235. Bungee jump: No
236. Sky dive: No
237. Swim with dolphins: I did it before and would do it again
238. Steal a friend's bf or gf: No
239. Try to be the opposite sex: No
240. Lie to the police: It depends on the situation, but probably not
241. Run from the police: What would I even do for that to be an option?????
242. Lie to your parents: Same as the police
243. Backstab a friend for your own well being: No
244. Be an exotic dancer: Exotic how???
245. Kill the president: No, but if Trump inexplicably wins, I will be tempted

Section Thirteen: Are you

246. Shy: YES
247. Loud: Yes (voice-wise)
248. Nice: Yes?
249: Outgoing: HAH
250: Quiet: When unfamilair with people, which is often
251. Mean: No?
252. Emotional: Yes
253. Sensitive: A bit
254. Gay: I'm not attracted to other girls, no.
255. Strong: In the legs?  I dunno, I can run
256. Weak: A bit
257. Caring: Too much
258. Dangerous: Nope
259. Crazy: *Begins belting Melanie Martinez's "Mad Hatter"*
260. Spontaneous: Yes
261. Funny: Maybe?
262. Sweet: Eh
263. Sharing: Eh
264. Responsible: Yes
265. Trustworthy: Yes
266. Open-minded: Pretty much
267. Creative: Yes
268. Cute: Apparently?  I don't see it.
269. Slick: HahahahahaNO.
270. Smart: Yes
271. Dumb: Also yes
272. Evil: *Begins belting Voltaire's "When You're Evil"*
273. Ghetto: No
274. Classy: No
275. Photogenic: Not in the slightest
276. Dependable: I try to be
277. Greedy: No
278. Ugly: No clue
279. Messy: Sometimes
280. Neat: Sometimes
281. Perverted: EW
282. Silly: Yes
283. A B****: No
284. A Good Listener: Yes
285. A Fighter: No
286. A Party Animal: No
287. A Game Freak: A little bit
288. A Computer Freak: Yes

Section Fourteen: Future

289. Dream job: Novelist, artist, and maybe an actor
290. Dream house: As I told my AP Human Geography, I am a "live in a tiny house with my cat" type of person
291. Husband/Wife: NEVER
292. Kids: NEVER
294. Pets: ALL OF THE CATS  (and maybe a snake or something)
295. Car: Nah
296. Age you would want to get married: NOOOO
297. Best Man/Bride's Maid: STOP IT
298. Honeymoon: WHY

Section Fifteen: Your friends 

299. Best friend: :iconshinji-jpg: and the other one doesn't have a DA, but here's the Tumblr!
300. Known the longest: :iconjuliesprite:
301. Craziest: We are all ridiculous
302. Loudest: I won't put names but there was a person in my Enlish class and at my writing camp who did a bunch of acting stuff so yeah
303. Shyest: Uhhh..., maybe?????  Honestly, I'm the worst with people, soooo....
304. Best hair: ???????
305. Best eyes: ????????
306. Best body: ???????????????????????
307. Most Athletic: :iconshinji-jpg: dooes marching band stuff, so probably them
308. Hot-Tempered: :iconjuliesprite:
309. Most impatient: :iconjuliesprite:
310. Shortest: Probably me AAAAAA
311. Tallest: I... um... maybe another person at writing class?
312. Skinniest: No clue
313. Best singer: A person at the writing class
314. Funniest: ??????
315. Can always make you laugh: ALL OF THEM
316. Wish you talked to more: :iconaquashimmerandmeta:
317. Wish you saw more: :iconaquashimmerandmeta: and :iconshinji-jpg:
318. Who drives you insane after a while: We are all crazy.  That will not work.
319. Who you can stay around forever and never get sick of: ALLLLLLLL
320. Ever lose a friend because you took it to the 'next level': No
321. Whose always been there when you need them: ?????
322. Who is like your family: AALLLLLLLLLLLLL
323. How many friends do you have?: Less than 10.
324. How many are really close? Most of them

Section Sixteen: The last

325. Thing you ate: A cup of Noosa yogurt
326. Thing you drank: Water
327. Thing you wore: Nightgown
328. Thing you did: Watch the new SU episode OH MY GOD
329. Place you went: My freind's house
330. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: Nothing
331. Person you saw: My to-be-stepdad and his son
332. Person you hugged: :iconjuliesprite:
333. Person you kissed: A mannequin
334. Person you beat to a juicy pulp: Nope
335. Person you talked to online: :iconjuliesprite:
336. Person you talked to on the phone: Probably my parents
337. Song you heard: "Change" (?) from "Greg the Babysitter"
338. Show you saw: Steven Universe and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
339. Time you fought with your parents: ???????
340. Time you fought with a friend: ??????????????
341. Words you said: 'ponkers' (I was attempting to say 'bonkers')

Section Seventeen: Now

343. What are you eating: Air
344. What are you drinking: Also air
345. What are you thinking: A variety of song chords and lyrics are floating through my head right now
346. What are you wearing: A nightgown
347. What are you doing: Typing out this ridiculously long thing
349. Hair: Messy as heck
350. Mood: Mild shock after SU AAAA
351. Listening to: The sound of my keyboard
352. Talking to anyone: No
353. Watching anything: No

Section Eighteen: Yes or No

354. Are you a vegetarian: No
355. Are you a carnivore: No
356. Are you heterosexual: No
357. Do you like penguins: Yes
358. Do you write poetry: Yes
359. Do you see stupid people: Yes
360. You + Me: No
361. Do you like the Osbournes: ?????
362. Can you see flying pigs: If only
363. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: Yes
364. Are you from Afghanistan: No
365. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: ?????
366. Are you a zombie: No
367. Am i annoying you: A little bit, to be honest
368. Do you bite your nails: No
369. Can you cross your eyes: No
370. Do you make your bed in the morning: No
371. Have you touched someone's private part: No

Section Nineteen: This or That

372. Winter or Summer: Winter
373. Spring or Autumn: Autumn
374. Shakira or Britney: Neither
375. MTV or VH1: Neither
376. Black or White: *Accidentally mixes up Michael Jackson with the Black and White anime theme song*
377. Yellow or Pink: Pink
378. Football or Basketball: Neither
379. Mobile Phone or Pager: Phone (who even uses pagers anymore???) 
380. Pen or Pencil: Pencil
381. Cold or Hot: Cold
382. Tattoos or Piercings: Tattoo 
383. Inside or Outside: Both
384. Weed or Alcohol: Neither
385. Coke or Pepsi: NEITHER
386. Tape or Glue: Tape
387. McDonald's or In-n-Out: Neither

Section Twenty: Opinions

388. What do you think about classical music: Sure, whatever
389. About boy bands: Nah
390: About suicide: That is not a solution to anything.
391. About people who try to force their opinions on you: Calm down and let's just repspect each other
392. About teen pregnancy: Stop having the sexual activity.  You are too young and it's gross anyway.
393. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years: ???????
394. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: I really hope I can stay friends with everybody...
395. About gay men: Yes

Section Twenty-One:

396. Do you have a website: My mom's fiance gave me one for my birthday?????  I don't use it...
397. Current weather right now: Raining
398. Current time: 6:40 PM
399. Last thoughts: I'M FINALLY DONE
400. Tag: No.

  • Listening to: "Telescope" by Go! Child
  • Reading: "The Family Fang" by Kevin Wilson
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Pokemon GO
  • Eating: Yogurt
  • Drinking: Water

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